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Home Sellers Scottsdale, Arizona

Our goal is simple: Help you get the best price in the shortest amount of time in the smoothest transaction possible.

Keep in mind when it comes to real estate: “it’s A Farmer’s Market.”

Right Price Market Analysis
We’ll help to establish the right asking price based on market data. Pricing too high may cost you valuable time and miss your target markets buying window. You will learn about your competition and how the market is performing. Contact us to receive your no-obligation, professionally prepared complimentary Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).

Market/Advertising Consultation for Home Sellers
We begin with a pre-market consultation. We’ll help you understand what you can do to properly prepare your home for sale. We can give you advice and specific recommendations to enhance your property and make it the most attractive to prospective buyers.

Marketing Your Home For Sale
We use a variety of resources to sell your home – Once we’ve had a chance to meet with you and see your home, we develop a marketing and advertising strategy to best suite your specific home and best target your buyers. Interested in seeing a sample marketing “mix?” Contact us and we would be happy to help.

Commitment to Excellence
We know that our success comes through your success. Therefore, our commitment to you is to provide you with the highest level of service possible, the best communications possible, and to apply the best of our expertise to meet your goals.

Preparing your Home for Sale
Did you know that buyers make a home buying decision within 3 seconds of seeing your home? The rest of the time spent in your home is a process of elimination or inclusion (something may turn a no into a yes). Together, we can make your home show its best to buyers. Did you know the number one human sensory tied to memory is smell? This means buyers may remember the smell of your home better than what they saw. Something pet owners need to keep in mind. Bottom line, there ARE things that can be done to best showcase your home to your potential buyers.

A Few Home Selling Tips

1) Get our right priced analysis

2) De-clutter your home. In most cases we live with more “stuff” that we should display when selling our homes. Getting more of your “stuff” out of the way leaves more room for the new buyer to imagine their “stuff” in its place.

3) Repair or update your home to the best of your ability. The more you repair, the less work and the more value the buyer will see in your home.

4) Leave your home when you have a showing. Allow the buyer to feel comfortable in your home without worrying about you. Many buyers wont even visit a home if they know the seller is home (or unless the home is vacant).

5) Remove the pets. Remove the pet smells. You may not notice them any more, but smell is the number one sense tied to memory. A home buyer may not remember your home, but they will most likely remember its smell.

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Get Our Free Sellers Guide

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