Scottsdale Development

Scottsdale Development

Development vs. Progress?

Scottsdale Development: Visitors to Scottsdale, Arizona are usually quick to learn of the cities pride in maintaining natural desert open space and most particularly the McDowell Mountain Preserve in East Scottsdale. The iconic McDowell Mountains keep watch over the city like a dutiful sentry and are capped by the well known Tom’s Thumb rock formation. Crisscrossed throughout the area are miles and miles of hiking trails.

At the upper most Northern area of Scottsdale visitors will find the Brown’s Ranch park. This is relatively a new park within the Scottsdale City park system and hiking/biking trails are continually being opened here. Brown’s ranch is a wide open natural desert space with several mountains dotting the area. Brown’s mountain, in fact, takes hikers to the same elevation as the highest trail point on Pinnacle Peak Park.

Now that you have a sense of the area here is the reason for todays blog. The area around Brown’s ranch is under attach once again by developers looking to develop the area surrounding Legend Trails (far North Scottsdale). A proposed change to the Scottsdale Master plan has been made and is far reaching. Known as 19-ZN-2014 the amendment would include a patchwork of development surrounding the Legend Trails community all the way back to the Scottsdale Rd. and Happy Valley Rd. intersection and would include residential homes, commercial real estate, and resort real estate.

Whether you are for it or against it what we try to do is let our readers know of it. You can make up your own minds. You can call the city for more details and give them the 19-ZN-2014 application number. The amendment will go through a round of committee review before coming up to the full review and possibly on the a recommendation to the city council. If you choose to, you can send in a letter to the city and they will include it in the packet that is reviewed by the committee. Make sure to include the application number 19-ZN-2014.

Know what is happening in your area. It DOES effect your real estate values one way or the other, especially if you are figuring out how to sell your house fast. Pay attention to those sign posts that pop up on vacant land. Attend the committee meeting when they happen. Getting involved after is too late. If you can’t attend, maybe your HOA can send a representative and report back to your membership.

Know this. Once our beautiful open desert is developed it is gone for good. Scottsdale is known for our open space. It is a huge draw for residents and visitors alike. Many have worked very hard over the years to maintain the little space left. Let’s keep it open. Scottsdale Development

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